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District 113 recently unveiled four prototype classrooms. Two rooms at Deerfield High School and two rooms at Highland Park High School have been outfitted with state of the art technology and flexible furniture. The goal is to get input from students and teachers on what type of equipment the District should start investing in.

“The best way to do that is actually have teachers and students use that technology in a way that they can truly evaluate it and give us feedback on it,” Ron Kasbohm, District 113 Director of Technology, said.

Click on the first video to learn more about these classrooms.

Teachers have been reserving the spaces at each school and moving their students into the classrooms for several periods during the day. The flexible furniture gives students the ability to work in different types of groups. Teachers are also making good use of new equipment, like Promethean Boards, which are large interactive whiteboards that can basically do anything your computer does. 

“It really builds an interactive classroom for the students as well as the teachers,” Kasbohm commented, also noting that some of the rooms have entire walls painted as chalkboards, maximizing the learning space. 

Select the second video for specific information on some of the furniture that was donated by Larson Equipment and Furniture Company.

District 113 would also like to thank the Lowery McDonnell Company and the Frank Cooney Company for their donations.