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Physical Education is a daily requirement for DHS students during their four years of high school. On average, about 1,150 students take a PE class each day. Those courses range from floor hockey to swimming to yoga.

“There is a direct correlation between fitness and learning,” John Campbell, DHS Department Chair for Physical Education, Health and Traffic Safety, said about the positive impact PE has on a student's overall academic experience.

In January, District 113 asked community members to complete a survey to help prioritize the future needs at Deerfield and Highland Park High Schools; including physical education and athletic needs (You can view the survey results by clicking here).  

District 113 has also called on volunteers to sit on study groups to help analyze a facility-technology plan for both high schools. Campbell was placed on the PE/Athletics/1914 Buildings/DHS Athletic study group. 

“In order for our community to gain a better understanding of what the importance is when it comes to our facility needs and to our children within this community, they have to see it through the eyes of not only the student but also the educator,” Campbell said.

“I feel that my role as the department chair is to really give that voice, to be an advocate for not only my teachers in my department but for the students that experience this every single day.”

In an attempt to get a better grasp on how the Physical Education Department works at DHS, District 113 followed Campbell around during a 6th period class on a Tuesday afternoon. Six PE classes and two traffic safety and health classes were being run simultaneously. Click on the video for an inside look at the Physical Education Department at DHS and some of the needs District 113 is currently trying to address.